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Root Canals


It’s our goal to provide all our patients in and around Venice, FL with the ability to attain healthy, lifelong smiles. We’re not just capable of cosmetic dentistry treatments to make your teeth look nicer – we’re also able to save dying teeth as well. As your trusted Venice, FL dentist, we offer root canal treatments for those patients whose teeth are badly damaged or decayed.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Needed

Root canal treatment is needed when there’s dead or dying pulp within a tooth. Pulp is found deep within the tooth and contains the nerves and blood vessels necessary to keep the tooth alive. A tooth can die because a deep cavity allowed the mouth’s bacteria to infect the tooth’s pulp. Other reasons for a tooth dying can include tooth fractures and nighttime teeth grinding. After the pulp is infected, bacteria will take over the pulp chambers and canals. Root canal treatment is used to clear out this infected pulp and clean the tooth.

The Root Canal Process

During a root canal, we’ll create an access hole in the top of the tooth so that our specially designed instruments can be inserted into the tooth’s canals. The infected pulp will then be removed from the tooth and the canals will be cleaned. After that’s done, we’ll use a sterile filling material to seal the tooth. Since many teeth that require root canals are severely broken down, we may need to use a dental crown to reinforce the tooth

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